Choose the right category

Be sure to choose the correct category and subcategory when listing your item. Placing your item in the correct category ensures your customers find the products they are looking for.

Detailed information

When listing your item give your customers a detailed description of item. This will help them identify that your item is the item they are looking for!

Set acceptable price

Be sure you price your item to sell. Do research on your item and see what comparable items are selling for. An item that is overpriced will take longer to sell or might not sell at all.

Upload quality photos

Make sure you use quality photos to showcase your item(s). Your customers want to see a quality photo of the product(s) they are interested in purchasing. If your photo is pixelated or blurry it might drive your customers away.

1. Choose Category
2. Item Details

3. Upload Photos

Allowed formats: png,gif,jpg,jpeg | Max. size/image: 2048KB

4. Location
4. Personal Information